Our Mission

Thank you for your interest in the Burruano Group. The role of business consultants has never been more important than in today’s economic environment. If you want to have confidence in the financial decisions you are making for your company then you need to request guidance from the professionals at the Burruano Group.  You will benefit from their deep level of experience and skillful expertise.

The mission of the Burruano Group is to provide business consulting services that increase your profit and cash flow, establish management and employee accountability, and make your life and business better.

We are confident in our ability to successfully address your business needs and deliver innovative, practical solutions that will sustain your company. The Burruano Group will provide you with a confidential initial evaluation of your company that includes both a financial analysis and operational analysis of your company. The analysis is followed by a written report and a verbal presentation.


The Burruano Group works in a performance-based environment. What this means is that if you decide there is no value from the work the Burruano Group performed for you, for any reason, you are not obligated to pay the fees invoiced. This ensures accountability. We believe that accountability begins with us since we are hired to establish accountability for your business and profit plan.


Tony Burruano, Management Services Director, established the Burruano Group following his careers as a senior partner in a regional CPA firm (17 years) and national company executive (6 years), and over 10 years at a national consulting firm successfully rising as an award-winning analyst, to senior implementation manager, and firm managing director. Tony saw the impact that targeted corrections of
business issues with the needed plan and skills could make a profound positive effect on company growth and profit while creating a positive performance oriented company employee population. After leading both publicly traded and privately help U.S. national companies, Tony then joined the second largest management-consulting firm to privately help companies in the U.S. There Tony rose to Managing Director before returning to his roots and merging with the Burruano Group. Tony and his
management services teams have successfully helped turn around profit performance for over 2,000 companies. Tony has developed and delivered over 50 national and international workshops, along with nearly 100 regional workshops, and university invitations to speak on business and how to make companies more prosperous while attracting and retaining high-level employees who meet the performance, team, and cultural values and standards of businesses. If we’ve piqued your interest, please contact the Burruano Group. Let us show you some success stories. Better yet, give us a chance to make your business one of them.  Call us today. We’re currently servicing the construction, manufacturing, healthcare, distribution, restaurant, mechanical services, retail, waste management, and trucking industries.

With the variety of specialized skills that the professionals at Burruano Group developed over the past 60 years coupled with their resources that have successfully changed businesses in achieving their plans of profit, revenue, and/or sale, we can undoubtedly provide the services to meet your needs. But that’s the “Big Picture”.  When it comes to the day-to-day, you’ll find a friendly and responsive group of
people who are eager to treat your business as if it were their own.

Respectfully yours,

Anthony Burruano Signature
Anthony P. Burruano
Management Services Director