Business Consulting and Implementation Services

Addressing the full spectrum of financial, operational and transactional risks along with innovative opportunities for business expansion.
The Burruano Group delivers business transformation solutions. We address the full spectrum of financial, operational and transactional risks along with innovative opportunities for business expansion. Among our core strengths are expertise in building revenue and profit, and the sale value of your company.

Our Services Include

Business Analysis

Do you want your business to dominate in its market? Or, is it in trouble?

Sales Growth / Business Development

Do you need you need your sales to improve?

Transaction Due Diligence

Do you want to avoid the big mistakes when buying or selling a company?

Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you selling your company? Buying a company? Or merging?

Working With Us

We believe in the value of relationships, and we take pride in giving you the assurance that the personal assistance you receive from us comes from years of advanced training, technical experience, and financial acumen.

We’ve found solutions to many diverse business challenges add  we’ve successfully tackled a wide variety of personnel, cash flow, revenue, and profit issues.

When the unexpected happens, and your company and you are under intense pressure to make corrections or change, the Burruano Group is your crisis rescue firm Talk to us; we listen; we deliver results.
Industries we work with at Burruano Group


Accountability begins with us.
If you believe there is no value from the work the Burruano Group has performed, for any reason, you are not obligated to pay the fees invoiced. Guaranteed.
Call 800-414-1080  or email us to help you find a solution to your business problems so you can turn your business around, experience less stress, and generate more profit!

Free Initial Consultation

During your free initial consultation meeting, typically 60-90 minutes, we will discuss your specific concerns and business goals. After assessing your set of circumstances, we will discuss the ways in which we believe your issues can be resolved. This is an opportunity for you get to know us and learn more about how our services can help you.
In addition, we will describe the Burruano Group professional services and how we can help you move your business forward. Just send your information or call to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. The Burruano Group looks forward to helping you get your business not only back on track but also reach maximum success.
There is no risk and no cost to find out if the Burruano Group can help you. We will identify your major concerns and describe how we can help move your business forward to success in your initial, free consultation. To begin, simply complete and submit the “Send Us A Message” online form.

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