Forensic Analysis and Operational Investigation

Do you suspect fraud or theft?

forensic-analysis Each financial transaction leaves a trail.  At the Burruano Group, our professionals know how to follow this money-trail in order to uncover and recover financial assets wherever they might be hiding. We combine our intuitive ability and “street smarts” with our knowledge of business financial systems to complete our investigations competently and efficiently. Using our in-depth knowledge of business and financial systems, we methodically investigate financial records and present our finding with clear, concise documentation. If you suspect fraud, our professionals can audit your financial and operational records to help you identify the perpetrator and install procedures to prevent similar crimes going forward.  We can provide testimony for court and a valuation of damages as well as accounting reconstruction; expert testimony; financial reinstatements; fraudulent conveyances; investigations; stock, real estate and tax research; supporting documentation; unwinding transactions; and value disputes.

Our forensic accounting and record reconstruction experience is in corporate fraud, accounting malpractice, embezzlement, employee dishonesty, spousal dishonesty, insurance fraud, investigation of suspicious or questionable transactions, money laundering, kickbacks, internal theft, inventory shrinkage and diversion of corporate assets. We have successfully exposed intentional acts of deception involving improper financial transfers for purposes of personal gain within the following industries: Construction, Wholesale Distributors, Trucking, Drug Manufacturers, Restaurants (food and liquor); Retailers; Real Estate Investment Groups; Healthcare; Service Companies and Financial Transactions.

Financial fraud cases are complex by nature because perpetrators of fraud generally take steps to obscure their actual transactions. Let the Burruano Group find the theft within your company, identify how it was done, determine what the cost of the theft was for the years reviewed (financial or otherwise), and identify who potentially did it. The source could be internal or external. Contact us for your free initial consultation.