Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you selling your company? Buying a company? Or merging?

mergersThe Burruano Group can help you improve your odds of successful mergers and acquisitions through an integrated, battle-tested approach that links acquisition strategy, due diligence and merger integration. Based on years of experience across a wide range of industries we have served as lead advisor on multiple U.S. and international transactions for both privately held and publicly traded entities, and a positive partner to shareholders and the legal team of our client.

We can determine the important aspects of current value, synergy of personnel, current and future profit, and sales gain. We will define whether there are real merger partners or willing buyers and sellers who can mutually agree on price/values and a timeline to complete the transaction. These factors are critical before dollars are spent on Due Diligence. We will create a “Map” of the minimum financial and synergy expectations of the transaction to establish accountability to Due Diligence. We will also develop a clearly articulated strategy and a plan for you that will nail the short list of critical actions, as well as follow-through on results of due diligence, then act with deliberate speed to ensure you realize the full value of your business transaction.