Large or Small Company, you can be achieve higher bid/quote to sale ratios and higher profits. Our analysis will define the solution.

Preparing a construction company for financial success is complicated – like the construction industry itself- and requires a strong team. The Burruano Group knows the terrain and can advise you whether you own a “self-performing” construction or services company; a general contractor primarily managing subcontractors; or a developer. We can provide you with a controlled estimating process, strong project pre-start process, effective material and subcontractor buy-out process, accountable project and field management process, end of project financial and operational feed back to estimating, so that your business will increase profitability. We can define the strengths and weaknesses of your business and, once identified and understood, recommend action steps that can improve your business. We can help you:

Estimate jobs more accurately and implement better controls to increase your bid-to-award ratios and maximize sales.
Train your project managers; field supervisors; dispatchers; financial and internal staff in job cost controls and procedures to improve job profit.
Improve WIP (work in process) reporting with more accurate and timely information controls to know the real job profit versus the estimated job profit and correct job overruns rapidly.
Develop better systems for cash management, billing, and collection to increase positive cash flow and avoid bad debts.
Create accurate accounting and financial reporting processes to avoid end of the month, quarterly or annual surprises.
Strengthen your banking relationships to increase your financial resiliency and stabilize your business.
Maintain a close relationship with your bonding company to establish, grow or maintain your bonding capacity and compete for more bonded work.
Construct the most effective performance compensation and effective employee recruitment/retention processes to optimize employee productivity and retention.
Generate a successful business and profit plan to get your business on track for success.