Manufacturing Consulting


Manufacturing Consulting

Burruano Group will provide you with a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the critical facets of manufacturing: supply chain, plant and machine performance and technology. You’ll see where you’re strong, where you lag and what the savings potential can be when you improve specific elements of your performance and capability. We will provide solutions to issues regarding machine profitability and efficiencies, production cost, output quality, delivery controls, planned capacity, price points, flexibility, service levels, your sales process, production site, line standards, delivery controls and improvements so your company will reach maximum profitability.

Solutions For All Manufacturing Client Types


Automated Machine Production of Unique Products (Business to Business or Business to Consumer)

Contract Manufacturers

Assembler of Parts for a Finished Product

Replacement Parts Sellers

Inventory Turns Management and Controls

With the exception that a manufacturing “Job” is produced/assembled primarily in house once all parts are made and/or ordered for delivering to an in-house production facility, it is a job, just like in construction with the same controls of labor, materials, subcontractors and need to have common understandings and reporting as compared to planned costs and defined gross profit. Yes, it may be necessary to analyze each machine’s value and productivity and the need for expansion of the number or utilization of these machines for productivity. However, construction job contractors also review the need for equipment and automation. The businesses are different however the controls and need for accuracy of business terms that mean dollar sensitive items (nearly everything) must be commonly understood to ensure controls. Additionally, the job shop manufacturer is likely often in the parts replacement business for the products that they manufacture and assemble. They may manufacture and inventory some of those parts and subcontract manufacturing of parts that the job shop assembles.

Free Initial Consultation

During your free initial consultation meeting, typically 60-90 minutes, we will discuss your specific concerns and business goals. After assessing your set of circumstances, we will discuss the ways in which we believe your issues can be resolved. This is an opportunity for you get to know us and learn more about how our services can help you.
In addition, we will describe the Burruano Group professional services and how we can help you move your business forward. Just send your information or call to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. The Burruano Group looks forward to helping you get your business not only back on track but also reach maximum success.
There is no risk and no cost to find out if the Burruano Group can help you. We will identify your major concerns and describe how we can help move your business forward to success in your initial, free consultation. To begin, simply complete and submit the “Send Us A Message” online form.

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