Job Shop Manufacturing or Production Manufacturing, do you really know why you are leaving sales “on the table” or profits aren’t what they should be?

Production Manufacturing requires well-defined costs, output quality, delivery controls, and planned capacity to maximize overhead. You need an aggressive sales process and a sales team that understands the price points to achieve your bottom line success. To maintain crucial high quality and low costs, strategic decisions regarding setting up manufacturing operations, to specific production site and line improvement must be established long before the product or job hits the shop floor. The Burruano Group can identify the source of your problems and address strategic questions that impact production cost, quality, flexibility, service levels, and control with solutions such as:

Establishing labor, material, inventory, and overhead standards to support your sales and profit plan as well as customer requirements whether you are a job shop or production manufacturer
Implementing waste and theft controls.
Creating performance based compensation and incentive programs that link to your profit and sales plan, and adjust to your employees’ output standards and accountabilities.
Developing a sales plan and process that are practical, achievable and deliver desired results.
Instituting simplified, effective and responsive management reporting processes.
Deciding what the company should “make versus buy” based on core capabilities and needs.
Machine profitability and efficiency, along with cost and related profit benefit to new or upgraded equipment decisions.
Managing cash and liquidity to create opportunities to prosper regardless of what is happening across the broader economic landscape.
Identifying all changes that will reap the largest payoffs and the best methods of achieving them.
Implementing all improvements, ranging from product line complexity reduction to manufacturing practices to dramatically enhance productivity.