Service Organizations

Are you meeting “Billed” (not “Billable”) productivity levels? Are parts and materials margins what they should be?

The Burruano Group can help you end the financial stress and the chaos of mismanagement. Your business could be revived by using service and installation profit centers, for example, to balance revenue by offering service contracts and promotions designed to strengthen customer retention and appeal to new customers. The key to this is maximizing billed labor productivity coupled with establishing a disciplined sales process and a vehicle and parts control system. We can assist you in achieving results such as:

Increased labor billed productivity and margins through improved scheduling and management processes, and reporting of information.
Increased margins and decreased inventory loss and theft whether on a truck or in your warehouse as a result of an improved inventory and parts billing process increasing margins decrease inventory loss or theft whether on a truck or in your warehouse.
Practical and measurable sales, marketing, and pricing strategies that produce planned results.
Increased profits due to establishing vehicle controls.
Bottom line growth and the recruitment and retention of effective employees as a result of performance based compensation and incentive programs.

We can provide you with an effective plan and the information you need to run the shop and service organization, whether commercial or residential, you’ve always wished you ran that is much more profitable and you experience better customer relationships and much less stress.