Physicians & Healthcare

Medical/Dental Practices; Urgent Care Operations; Clinical Research Organizations; Labs, and the myriad or healthcare industries are businesses that require revenue growth, planned profitability, cash management, patient retention and risk management – the same as any industry. Need a fresh look and solutions?

The Burruano Group is dedicated to helping physicians, practice managers and healthcare executives make the right strategic decisions to help you achieve critical objectives in this uncertain healthcare environment. We will evaluate your current operations and seek solutions to patient experience issues, risk management issues, revenue/cash flow issues, efficiency and profitability issues. Our solutions for organizational effectiveness can help you improve quality outcomes, reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction. Your practice could become stronger, more unified, and result in the stabilization of your investment.

As a CPA firm we focus on reducing or deferring your taxes, aligning your contracts and compensation with strategic goals, developing efficient compliance reporting, establishing strong banking relationships for you, and optimizing your acquisitions/expansion or buy-sell agreements. Our management services and business development group can create “Closed Loop” systems to establish your processes, set minimum acceptable standards of performance, and integrate a “Score Cards” system that establishes the individual accountability of staff in support of your positive patient experience. We offer the following key solutions to address your challenges:

Practice Reviews
Organizational Assessments
Financial Management Services
In-House Billing Support Solutions
Compliance, Coding and Risk Mitigation Services
Business Intelligence Benchmarking
Revenue and Profit Expansion Plans
Development, Design & Implementation of Accountable Processes to achieve the Plan
Incentive Compensation that Supports Profit Growth
Acquisition and Expansion Modeling to Increase Return on Investment

We will partner with you to produce high-impact results that serve the best interests of your organization. We pride ourselves on implementing processes and practical, effective strategies that have proven successful in the healthcare industry we have served over the years. Look to the Burruano Group to increase your profits and reduce your stress.