Whether Store driven, or Internet driven, or Both, you are face with the need to increase profits and attract new customers amid growing competition. How is your Plan succeeding?

The Burruano Group offers the perspective, insight, skills and experience to help your Retail Store, Showroom, or Virtual Store meet your expectations. Whether you need assistance with sales process, operational, managerial or situational issues, nothing will change until you understand your current situation and how it occurred and how it needs be corrected. If you want to be assured your business is designed for financial success, the Burruano Group will work with you to create a successful retail business profitability strategy that addresses: operations, management, inventory, brand/product positioning, marketing, merchandising, market trends, and opportunities for long term revenue growth.

Retail success requires an effective effort to bring customers to you via advertising, marketing, promotions, word of mouth, and customer experience. Those efforts need to be coupled with operating and selling cost and results controls as well as effective purchasing and inventory management. Whether you need planning, advice, a definition of where you want to go and how to get there, training services and programs, or profit and cash flow enhancement disciplines, the Burruano Group can work with you to achieve:

Review of the effectiveness of Web-Based marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Effective advertising & marketing strategies that incorporate creative approaches and targeted response measurement, to increase the sales and margin yield of your sales promotion efforts and expenditures.
Sales process evaluation and solutions, linked to effective sales compensation plans that attract and retain performing employees.
Increased cash flow & profit as a result of 1) Establishing an effective inventory management system that links your sales process to inventory and purchasing management, and 2) Integrating theft deterrents and controls.

The Burruano Group will work with your managers to increase your sales, control inventory, reduce inventory write-downs and loss, and maximize your cash flow. The retail solutions we deliver are innovative, sensible, effective and enduring.