Waste Management Industries

Burruano Group will provide you with the following solutions so your company will reach maximum profitability.

To issues regarding vehicle operating costs, inventory controls, your sales process, customer and employee retention, pricing controls, routes, waste disposal, maintenance and fuel, equipment replacement, labor efficiency, recycling processes, transfer station maximization, safety controls and compliance, sales growth and margins.

Solutions For All Waste Management Client Types


Food Service Routes (Business to Business)

Distributors (Business to Business)

Commercial & Residential Services (Scheduled Services)

Burruano Group represents businesses that deliver goods or services via scheduled routes. The diverse group includes dry goods distributors such as cleaning products that are warehoused, fresh foods delivery, waste haulers, waste transfer stations, recycling operations or any business operation that needs vehicles to deliver on regular routes. Optimization of routes, route concentration, and route profitability are critical. BG represents a diverse segment of these enterprises. The meaning of what is “good” or “profitable” is critical for each route of each vehicle, along with the rates of customer retention/timely servicing/and competitive pricing. Automation is critical to set up and manage routes along with customer servicing and identifying what customers may need or what they may not order but could need and order in the future. The type of vehicle and capacity that can fulfill a route need that further ensures a full load on an efficient route to the control goal, with reporting systems that identify overall gross profit of a route, dollars of sales and gross profit per cubic foot of the delivery vehicle. All are critical for distributor success. For waste haulers the cost-per-ton versus revenue-per-ton of waste, the recycling revenue, dump sites and wait time costs, vehicle costs per mile, equipment and personnel safety are all among the areas that require controls to a profit plan. Today noise abatement is becoming important to the waste hauling industry. Future vehicle needs may soon become electric vehicles. That could occur when battery technology is appropriate to the industry vehicle servicing needs and the cost per mile needs, based on then-current revenue per pick-up less disposal costs of that waste and net of recycling revenues.
The broad general services to businesses and residences are all about revenue-per-hour of labor and labor/vehicle costs per-hour…and of course the comparison of service contracts versus by the hour labor inclusive of vehicle.



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