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Phone Consultation

All initial phone calls and follow-up questions from individuals who are calling to consider engaging the Burruano Group are free of charge.
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On-site Operations Analysis

An on-site operational analysis will be scheduled to meet on-site or virtually with your key personnel and staff to gain information regarding the critical aspects of your operations.
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Financial Evaluation & Analysis

Our team will quantify the cost of the actions causing the issues with your business and the benefit of correcting them.
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Verbal Reporting

From your initial call with the Burruano Group, you will receive ongoing reports and dialogue often and as the need arises.
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Written Reports

You will receive a written report after your business analysis is conducted that details the scope of the issues at hand and a well-defined process of corrections needed to solve your business problems.
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Managed Implementation

Once we explain how the impediments to the success of your business can be corrected, your personnel will have the opportunity to execute and implement the well-defined and tested processes of correction.
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Ongoing Advisory Services

We will work with you as an advisory service to ensure your success following the conclusion of implementation efforts by the Burruano Group and/or your personnel.
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Business Valuation

We will advise you on how to successfully engage in strategic mergers with other companies, internal buy-out of key shareholders or acquisitions of businesses.
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Business Purchase Due Diligence

We will provide due diligence in the sale or a purchase of a business and surround you with skilled advisors in tax and legal document drafting matters as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Often employees believe they are doing “a good job”. The problem is that it is not “your good,” it is “their good”. You have to convey to them what your “good” is and constantly reinforce them to stay on track. You have to keep score.
When the scale of work-life balance tends to tilt toward the work side, do not let it crash to the floor. Many business owners are so accustomed to doing everything themselves, they don’t think about enlisting the help of a business consultant. You may be spending your valuable time on complex tasks that may be outside your area of expertise. Get help assessing and evaluating your business processes, operations management, supply chain logistics, exposure to risk and more. Work-life balance is possible, but only with strategic planning. Find out what the Burruano Group can do for your business. Contact Burruano Group
Companies do not focus on what is critical to make their revenue, cash flow and profit plan work. If an issue is critical, then it should have a minimum acceptable standard operating procedure in support of that plan. The standard must be able to be measured so people can identify and respond to the problems or opportunity in a timely and results oriented way.
Good question. Common problem. It is no different preparing a family member to be accountable to their operational role than it is for any other employee. The problem is that people confuse ownership with operational roles and accountabilities. Your family business transition will fail unless you define 1) Accountabilities of that person’s ownership role, 2) Their operational role, 3) Their plan to generate revenue and create profit, and 4) the achievable expectations of that family member that everyone can understand. A valid and achievable plan must be created and implemented before you “hand over the keys”.
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Accountability begins with us.
If you believe there is no value from the work the Burruano Group has performed, for any reason, you are not obligated to pay the fees invoiced. Guaranteed.
Call 800-414-1080  or email us to help you find a solution to your business problems so you can turn your business around, experience less stress, and generate more profit!