Our Process

Phone consultation

1. Phone Consultation

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All initial phone calls and follow-up questions from individuals who are calling to consider engaging the Burruano Group are free of charge. We will rapidly establish whether we are a suitable solution for you that warrants billable services from our firm. Once this is established, you may decide that our phone consultation service, one of our most cost effective processes, is the most practical option to secure. It defrays the expense to you for our out of pocket travel costs to visit your offices. With the telephone call process, we are able to evaluate our ability to understand your problem while providing a significant cost / benefit return to you. The cost of our phone consultation service is a flat fee ranging from $2000 to $5000 depending on the scope of your needs. The phone consultation service allows you to provide specifically requested information to us by phone, preferable through Skype. If we are unable to ascertain an acceptable understanding of your business issue and a solution process, then we will not bill you the phone consultation service. If we are able to ascertain your business issue, a quantification of the cost of your inaction, and a path to a solution, then we will write a report and provide it to you. You may request an in -person presentation of your report, or a phone/Skype presentation, following receipt of the report. Additional fees may be incurred to reimburse our travel expenses and presentation costs.

On site evaluation

2. On-site Operations Analysis

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All aspects of the phone consultation are engaged in an on-site operational analysis, with the addition of critical face-to-face interactions, expanded interviews; our physical observation of your processes on site, off site, or at your customer/client location (such as a job site) and at your satellite or subsidiary locations when necessary. All ongoing and final reports are presented to you as ownership and your delegated key personnel. This methodology also provides a formal plan of correction for you to ascertain as to what combination of resources within your company and external to your company are needed, and an approximate time requirement for completion.

Financial evaluation

3. Financial Evaluation & Analysis

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If the cost of your business problem cannot be ascertained, then it is likely that the problems wont be able to be fixed by any company. The cost can be emotional or financial. However, it is usually both. Our financial analysis will determine the measurable dollar impact the problem has on your company sales, customer retention, and/or profit. It establishes a financial accountability with measurements that will demonstrate whether or not the problem is really being fixed…and stays fixed. If an aspect of your business is critical to your plan of sales growth and profit, critical to your customer retention, critical to your employee teamwork and productivity, and it is critical to legal or industry compliance standards, it must be measurable to be accountable to the desired result. Any breakdowns of accountability cost money and produce emotional pain.

oral report

4. Verbal Report

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From the first moment you call the Burruano Group, you will be receiving meaningful information verbally. With any professional service, if you are unable to leave every consultative meeting with a strong sense of “Wow, I have really learned something about my business, taxes, or another area of your business interest”, you have not engaged the right resource. With the Burruano Group you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive prompt answers. We will treat your business as if it were our own and leave you with a “WOW!”

Written report

5. Written Report

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Our written reports consist of a detailed documentation of what we are about to do and how the Burruano Group will be held accountable. It can be a written summary at any stage of work completion, so that the work in progress is documented and we are held accountable. The written report can be a summary and documentation of the cost and benefit of an action. It can be an e-mail communication or a letter. All written communications establish accountability. In the Burruano Group all verbal statements are documented to ensure we remain accountable to our actions. Consequently, you will have control over newly implemented processes, or simply review what has been discussed in order to be informed or enabled to ask clarifying questions.

Managed Implementation

6. Managed Implementation

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Once major impediments to solving a problem are removed via our recommendations, your personnel are generally able to execute and implement the well-defined and tested processes of correction. We determine together with you what resources are required that to skillfully perform the task required within and outside your company, obtain the required resources to the budget of cost and benefit, and establish the project management process for the implementation of all resources, strategies and processes to deliver the results envisioned in sales growth, employee productivity, quality, customer retention, profit and cash flow to an accountable measurement of results and cost.

Advisory Services

7. Ongoing Advisory Services

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Following the conclusion of any substantial implementation efforts by our firm and/or by your personnel, we schedule monthly or quarterly meetings with you to review critical metrics/reports that focuses on your success. These important meetings we hold with your team will serve to keep them engaged and aware of the responsibility to respond to changing conditions and make changes in a timely manner. A reduced response time to correct or change a problematic condition reduces the cost of inaction and increases profit and sales…always.

Business Valuation

8. Business Valuation

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As part of the success process of our clients, they may become interested in strategic mergers with other companies, internal buy-out of key shareholders, or acquisitions. Each of these processes requires knowledgeable and willing buyers and sellers. This process includes an analysis of what the acquiring party/company can expect measurably as a return on their investment. It includes a solid foundation of the value of your business to specific types of buyers. It includes a value of a target company to you as the buying entity. Knowledgeable and willing equals a good decision.

Due Diligence

9. Business Purchase Due Diligence

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Due diligence in a purchase includes surrounding the client with skilled advisors in tax and legal document drafting matters. Due diligence means determining the truth in statements made in writing or in financial statements that can undermine values in a deal, or its very success or failure. Due diligence means interviewing and asking verifying questions. Due diligence means finding the “bomb” that can ruin a deal before it goes off and before the deal settles. Yes, it is often difficult often to arrive at mutually agreeable terms in buying and selling a business, however, it is the quality of due diligence that determines whether the deal should be made rapidly. A deal done and a deal not done – all for the right verified reasons – are great deals.

Forensic Analysis

10. Forensic Analysis

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Whether working with a law firm in a divorce matter or business dispute, or identifying the “bad guy” who is stealing in a privately held or publicly traded company or investment venture, every aspect and skill of the Burruano Group comes into play. It is the business savvy, the extensive and varied experience, – the strong technical skills– and the accountable results that give comfort and confidence to our clients, law firms, and investigative firms who seek the services of our team of talented individuals and resources.